Fundiciones Rey. All types of castings since 1944

fundicion nodularMarine castings

Marine Industry is one of our main sectors, requiring all types of cast parts such as: Bearings, gear Housing, Stern tube bushings, bearings housing, azimuth housing, propellers, keels and more according to customer demand.

Machine-Tools Industry

We manufacture all types of parts for this sector with single piece pattern and loose piece pattern, such as: machine beds, dies, press supports, machine tool base, frames and columns.

Industrial castings

Pulleys, valves housing, turbines, pump housings, compartment sections are some of the parts that leave our ovens to suit any industrial casting need.

Details of Interest

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Technical details

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News Updates

Visit the blog and find out more about the latest news, related to the casting of new products that we offer, and other news related to the sector.

Nodular Cast Iron, Stainless Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Cast, Cast Iron, grey iron castings, Cast Aluminum.

Other services

Services: Pattern/Mold making. Manufacturing and maintenance of patterns/molds. Subassemblies.

Subcontracted Services:Pattern/Mold making. Surface finishing. CNC Machining. Heat treatment.


Quality seals

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